The Haunting of Storybook Hollow

...where good fairy tales go very, very bad

  "Happily ever after" takes a terrible turn every October in Storybook Hollow as The Big Bad Wolf, Captain Hook, and their wicked cohorts return from their graves to haunt their fabled foes.

  The Haunting of Storybook Hollow is a no-gore Halloween yard haunt that explores a slightly twisted look at our favorite childhood tales.  We are located in Comstock Park, Michigan (just North of Grand Rapids) The haunt is in operation from mid October through November 1st, from dusk to 10pm.  


       Halloween 2013!!     

Happy October!  Halloween 2013 is upon us and we are busy setting up our yard!  A few weeks ago, I posted about some changes we were planning for our haunt.  Unfortunately, we've had to change our change of plans...  It has always been a dream of mine to run our haunt as a walk-through maze in our backyard, and that was the plan for 2013.  However, the reality of running that type of attraction while taking care of a newborn baby set in as soon as we started putting everything together.  So... we're setting up in our front yard just one more year.  We sincerely apologize for any confusion or disappointment this may have caused.  

We hope you will stop by and see us!

             Haunt Video!

We did it!!  We finally made a video of our haunt!!    

Hope you enjoy it!



                    Creepy archives...

Feel free to browse some notes from previous years below.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 is now behind us.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us!!


In our Peter Pan scene, Captain Hook was thrilled to have finally found his long, lost pirate ship!  He may not be celebrating for long, however, as his old crocodilian friend  has been hiding out inside, just waiting for another snack...


 "Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...Who is the SCARIEST one of all?"  It seems the Evil Queen was through with trying to be the fairest!  We hope you enjoyed watching the Magic Mirror tell the original Brothers' Grimm tale of Snow White.  


 Many of our original Storybook Hollow residents received makeovers last year and enjoyed their places in our very new layout.

Many of our original Storybook Hollow residents have received makeovers this year, and are enjoying their spots in a very new layout.  Many of our original Storybook Hollow residents have received makeovers this year, and are enjoying their spots in a very new layout.  ...Don't forget to look up! 


Halloween 2011

We had many new additions this year!  A giant beanstalk sprouted in our yard, and a ghostly giant was stalking about the garden, looking for Jack!  Montague, our rooftop dragon,became now the proud papa of two little baby dragons!  Wendy, John, and Michael finally found their way to Neverland, but were quickly tied to the tree by Hook and his undead crew!  Jack and Jill took up residence at Storybook Hollow, one quick peek in the well, and you will see why they fell down the hill!  We also built a new and improved candy house where Hansel and Gretel could take on the witch!


This year we were thrilled to be haunting to benefit local children through the Hug-a-Bears program!  Hug-a-Bears distributes teddy bears to local hospitals, fire and police departments, and other organizations to provide as a source of comfort for children is distressing situations.  We will be accepting donations of new teddy bears (14" or smaller), for Hug-a-Bears at our haunt next year as well.  We encourage families who visit our haunt to bring a teddy bear as admission to our newly-expanded walk-trough trail.  We hope to expand this effort to include fun activities throughout the Haunted Westgate tour as well.  Lets see how many bears we can collect!! 

Halloween 2010


The Halloween 2010 season was absolutely amazing!!  New for 2010, Storybook Hollow welcomed Montague the Dragon who measures over 24 feet long and watched over our yard from the roof!  We were also proud to introduce the Mad Tea Party, where the undead Queen of Hearts had a not-so-savory dish to pass!  We built a new spooky bridge for brave trick-or-treaters to cross... if they could get past the Grumpy Old Troll!  Peter Rabbit's Mr McGregor was rising from the grave to join the fun this Halloween. To celebrate the season, Captain Hook and his crew all received makeovers, tombstones, and new clothes... and a bit of rum!  We added several new tombstones including a monument to Washington Irving, the author of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow wich features a Headless Horseman staue.  We also became hosts to four new mushroom men, and a family of Leshies, folkloric twig creatues.  

 Our haunt was featured on the front page of the Grand Rapids Press, and on Fox 17 news twice this year, and we welcomed over one thousand visitors and trick-or-treaters this year!  We would like to thank our friends, family, community, and visitors, who made 2010 such a wonderful Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween 2009            

 2009 was the third year for The Haunting of Storybook Hollow.   What an amazing year we had!  We added new scenes, new tombstones, new music, and  a few other  additions!  I can't believe we got it all done... Never again will I under estimate the effect of a baby on prop-building!    

 Also new this year, we were proud to be part of Haunted Westgate, a yard haunt driving tour in Comstock Park.  It was so great to get to know the great folks behind all the amazing yard haunts in our neighborhood.   When we launched the Haunted Wesgate website in September, we had no idea how well it would take off.  Our neighborhood was featured on Fox 17 news twice, as well the W-lite morning radio show.   During the last week in October, the site was averaging 200 hits per day and we had folks stop by our haunt from as far away as Kalamazoo!  It was thrilling to have so many visitors and Trick-or-Treaters stop by and visit our yard haunt-and we didn't even run out of candy this year!  

You can link to the Haunted Westgate website from our links page.